Society was founded in Kyiv in 1993; it was registered in 1997, certificate 829.


        The Ukrainian Heathenism is a scientific name of pre-Christian national religion, which the Ukrainians ancestors avowed 1000 years ago and, which is revived now in Ukraine.
        We reject the misterm "paganism" imposed by the Christian patricos, as the Latin "paganus" (peasant) in the Ukrainian language has a negative estimation (close to the English "bad", the Ukrainian "pohany"). That's why in the English word we use the transcription jazychnystvo and a full name: Confession  of  the  Ukrainian Native Faith "Pravoslav'ja".
        The name "Pravoslav'ja" is referred to ancient heathen terminology and was taken by the Christian Orthodox Church for deceiving the worshippers in the first centuries after adopting the Faith of alien. "Prav" means a peace of gods and divine law. "Slav'ja" is a ceremonial divine heathen service, as well as the name of Goddess Slava. Thus, the term means the laudation of Gods.


        The Ukrainian heathens have the ancient Ukrainian chronicle (oaken breds)
       "The Book of Veles", written in V-IX centuries, thus document contains various historical, mythological and mediaevalism (ideology) sources of Native Ukrainians Faith, as well as the ap-proaches to God — understanding different prayers and holidays.
        "Volchovnyck" — the notes of the Heathen Belief — are the presentations of  the  main  approaches  of  heathen Faith, written by the modern Ukrainian language.
       "Pravoslov" — the prayers to Native Gods — the Procudings of prayers and religion songs presented in "The Book of Veles" and people's memory.


        Prof. Volodymyr SHAYAN (1908 — 1974 ) — Ukrainian  philosopher, sanscritist, poet and publicist began the Renascence of Ukrainian Native Faith in 1934. In 1943 in Ukraine "The Order of Knights God of The  Sun" was  founded. The fundamental works are presented in the book "The Faith of Our Ancestors" (Hamilton, Canada, 1987, V.I).
       Halyna LOZKO — the chairwoman of Society (Confession) of the Ukrainian Native Faith "Pravoslav'ja", the scientific member, the author of many publications on the problem of Ukrainian heathenism. The dissertation "Ukrainian heathenism as a source of everyday religion syncretism" proves the possibility reconstruction of ancient religion Ukrainian system.


        Goal and tasrs of Society (confession) of the Ukrainian Native Faith "Pravoslav'ja":
        1. The collection and systematization of Ukrainian national faith sources.
        2. The scientific and theological treatment and revival of ancient traditions, prayers, songs, guardian things, clothes, cult pictures.
        3. The education of respect to saint things of Ukrainian people, to nature, the development of ecological mentality and behavior.


        Ancient God of our faith is Svaroh the main God of the Universe, the Heaven Zodiac. His sons are Dadjebog, Perun, Veles, Strybog, Jarylo, Chors, Lado, Kupajlo, Symargl, Pozvizd, Pereplut and others, his daughters are Lada, Lelya, Kupala, Dana, Perunytsa, Mokosha, Kolada and others. All of themith their various names are the mani-festation of God essence, as God is immortal, polyfacial and polynamed. Our faith is genotheical.


        Is reflected in the idea of saint Tree of Life — the roots of this tree achieve to the underground depth  (the universe of the ancestors) — Nav, i. e. the roots of our Family; the trunk and branches symbolise the manifested life (the universe of the alive people) — Yav; the crown and leaves — the please for existence of Universe Severeings (Gods and God Law), who rule the Universe — this name is Prav.


         The main idea of our faith knowledge is to God the natural of the Universe and to praise our Gods with the happiness of life. This feeling is an essential condition of human happy life. Our holidays help human to feel a part of Cosmic, life, a cell of great Cosmic ocean, to obtain a positive solar energy of our Gods' love. Thus there is a conception of Sainthood as the Creative Strength of God in our Native Faith.